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A groundbreaking addition to Chelsea's vibrant art scene has emerged at 524 West 19th Street. L'SPACE, a gallery unlike any other, is redefining artistic engagement through its unique blend of art, design, and collaboration, unveils a transformative experience that challenges norms and sparks dialogue.

Founded by artist Lili Almog, L'SPACE breaks free from convention by operating on a project basis, including collaborating with other organizations. Unlike surrounding commercial galleries, it offers an innovative dynamic fusion of art. This approach nurtures visionary talents, incubates fresh ideas, and transcends the boundaries of traditional galleries.

L'SPACE footprint design unfolds and envelops its visitors, inviting them into an immersive world that defies the traditional white box gallery concept. This unexpected design redefines how art is encountered and experienced, emphasizing the interplay between art, space, and the viewer.

For further information, interviews, or press inquiries, please contact:

Sydney Good - sydneyg@lspacegallery.com 

[High-resolution images available upon request.]

Event Space a Pop-Up, Art Exhibit, Meeting..


Tuesday - Saturday  11 am - 6 pm 

The gallery will be closed on Memorial day weekend

524 W 19th St. New York, NY 10011

email: info@lspacegallery.com 

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